from by Funeral Swinger



Existential transcendence, the control beyond control.
To bend possibilities overwhelming, and build the unbuildable.
I hold this power in my hands to shape elusive forces,
Laying stitch with the thread of dreams upon the fabrics of reality.
I will unravel your soul so you may dance among the stars
I walk along the edge of memory and oblivion
I surf that sacred tide of life and death
I am the needle in the eye, I am the blood of the night.
Winter’s frost and summer’s flame – tunneling holes within your brain
I am the needle in the eye, I am the blood of the night;
I shall be salt of the earth, chewing the bones of your gods.
And the stars shall weep for none; the hand of god has no place here.
And the past shall weep for none; for the future has yet begun.


from BLACKMATH, released November 14, 2016



all rights reserved


Funeral Swinger plymouth, Massachusetts

Experimental, metallic hardcore from Plymouth, MA.

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