by Funeral Swinger

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released November 14, 2016

Mike Kemmett - Guitar
Donny Dowling - Vocals
Jason Mercier - Drums
Derrick Darmody - Bass
James Soucek - Guitar

Recorded by Sean Fitzpatrick @ The Brick HitHouse. Hyannis, MA.



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Funeral Swinger plymouth, Massachusetts

Experimental, metallic hardcore from Plymouth, MA.

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Track Name: Wizard
Existential transcendence, the control beyond control.
To bend possibilities overwhelming, and build the unbuildable.
I hold this power in my hands to shape elusive forces,
Laying stitch with the thread of dreams upon the fabrics of reality.
I will unravel your soul so you may dance among the stars
I walk along the edge of memory and oblivion
I surf that sacred tide of life and death
I am the needle in the eye, I am the blood of the night.
Winter’s frost and summer’s flame – tunneling holes within your brain
I am the needle in the eye, I am the blood of the night;
I shall be salt of the earth, chewing the bones of your gods.
And the stars shall weep for none; the hand of god has no place here.
And the past shall weep for none; for the future has yet begun.
Track Name: Zamboni Pilot
Shut up, Shut up, Shut up, Shut up
Envelope myself in perfect silence
Shut out the noise, tear out my eyes
I can’t stand this torment.
Seeking the darkest corner so I can sleep away these fevered dreams.
Blind, Deaf – but never satisfied, these resonations haunt me from within my bones
I tear away at that which I can no longer see ‘til the pain subsides and silence welcomes me.
To know peace – to accept defeat
To know peace – to embrace defeat.
Track Name: Mandime City
Darkness collects upon this place where the auras dance and intertwine
We are but digits on the hands of time; hands that grope, reaching for the end.
Such bountiful anatomy incites a desire to devour.
Such unpalatable hunger, though sights remain unseen.
What mysteries encased in flesh lay waste to inhibitions?
Such decadent discomfort, interwoven like veins – we twist and degrade.
A dystopian romance – pushing ever forward past the moment of collapse.
To be one, to be only (Get Low)
To shake free of this rapture (Get Low)
This thing that we must capture (Get Low)
To be one, to be only (Get Low)
Get down low.